Before rescue workers started using the Jaws of Life, injured people in car crashes might get trapped in the mangled metal of a vehicle for many hours before they could be freed. The time it took to free the accident victim represented a significant delay that might result in the worsening of health conditions and death. The Jaws of Life served to speed up the process of freeing trapped victims from car accident wreckage so they can receive the life-saving medical attention they require.

Hurst Performance, Inc., was the first company to manufacture the hydraulic cutting tools known as the Jaws of Life. They were first used during car racing events 30 years ago. Now they’re used by emergency workers everywhere.

The Jaws of Life include a variety of hydraulic-powered tools, including rams, cutters, spreaders and power units. The Jaws of Life are used to pull, spread and cut away the metal of car accident wreckage so victims can be rescued quickly. The time-saving benefits offered by the Jaws of Life have saved countless lives.

Perhaps your life, or the life of a loved one, was also saved by these emergency tools. The Jaws of Life have proved so effective over the last 30 years that they are now used by firefighters, emergency responders and military personnel throughout the world.

If you or a loved one can thank the Jaws of Life for saving you, it’s probable that you or your loved one did not escape your car accident without serious injury. There may even have been deaths caused by your crash. Depending on the facts surrounding your or your loved one’s car accident, the circumstances might support a personal injury or wrongful death action that you or your loved one could pursue in Virginia civil court.

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