Accidents between passenger vehicles and semi-truck s tend to result in catastrophic injuries. In many situations, they’re also fatal. For this reason, every driver of a passenger car, and every driver of an 18-wheeler, needs to educate him or herself regarding the common causes of semi-truck crashes in order to prevent these scenarios.

Here is how semi-truck crashes often happen in Virginia:

  • When drivers don’t follow the rules of the road, like speeding laws, passing laws and other life-saving regulations.
  • When a truck driver accelerates or stops too quickly, or when passenger vehicles maneuver too quickly around a semi-truck and the truck driver cannot react in time.
  • Underinflated tires on both passenger vehicles and 18-wheelers.
  • When cargo has shifted inside a commercial truck, leaving it off balance.
  • When a truck driver is low on sleep and fatigued.
  • When a truck driver is abusing substances to stay awake.
  • When a trucking company fails to safely maintain its vehicle.
  • When a passenger vehicle moves into the blindspot of a semi-truck .
  • When truck drivers and passenger car drivers operate their vehicles in a reckless fashion.

Many semi-truck accidents can be avoided if truckers and motorists refrain from doing the above activities. However, no driver is perfect and sometimes Virginia truckers and motorists make mistakes. If a mistake is made, and it results in an injurious accident, the at-fault party could be liable to pay for the injured party’s medical care and other financial damages. In truck crash cases like this, different rules and regulations that pertain specifically to semi-truck s may weigh heavily in the lawsuit.

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