A dump truck driver was killed after his vehicle was struck by a man in a Nissan Sentra trying to flee police. The incident happened at approximately 12:35 p.m., on a recent Tuesday afternoon in Chesapeake after police tried to pull over the Sentra, which had expired tags.

Instead of stopping, the man in the Sentra tried to escape officers until he crashed head-on into a Chesapeake Waste Management truck. The high-speed chase lasted less than a minute before the collision.

Tragically, the 51-year-old driver in the trash truck didn’t survive the collision. Although emergency responders arrived at the scene quickly, and they rushed the truck driver to a nearby hospital, he was pronounced dead several hours later.

The 27-year-old driver of the Nissan survived, even though his vehicle flipped upside down and landed in a ditch along with the trash truck. Authorities have since arrested the man and charged him with second-degree murder. These charges are considerably worse than the alleged larceny charge that authorities wanted him for. Both the 27-year-old and the passenger who was riding with him are at the hospital being treated for injuries.

Police have yet to comment whether they found anything illegal or incriminating while searching the suspect’s Nissan. However, if they find evidence that the man was intoxicated, further charges may be pending.

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Source: wavy.com, “Suspect charged with murder in Chesapeake crash that killed Norfolk man,” Joe Fisher, Oct. 03, 2017