Teen drivers are excited to say the least. They’re getting more freedom with their ability to drive, and that means they’re likely to want to get out and go as soon as they can.

With new freedoms does come some trouble, though. Teens have less experience driving, and that opens them up to mistakes that could lead to serious accidents. That doesn’t have to happen, though, if they understand what they can do to stay safe.

1. Avoid talking on or using a cellphone

Yes, smartphones are part of everyday life, but they shouldn’t be used while people are behind the wheel. Looking down at the phone for only a few seconds is enough time to end up in a collision. While you’re looking away, traffic could stop ahead of you, you could approach a traffic light that turned red or you could fail to see a hazard ahead.

2. Avoid too many passengers

Teens who ride with peer passengers are more likely to get into an accident because of distractions. To avoid this, limit the number of peer passengers at any one time. A single passenger might be appropriate, whereas a car full of teens could result in a crash.

3. Don’t drink and drive

Finally, don’t ever drink and drive. Besides being underage, teenage drivers are more likely to get into a crash. Drinking alcohol slows down your reactions and can make you drowsy and distracted. Don’t put your life at risk by drinking when you have to be behind the wheel. If you need to get somewhere, call a ride-sharing service or your parents to pick you up.

These tips are simple ways to save lives. Being safe on the road starts with you. Always be on guard and prepared when you’re behind the wheel.