Some people are so comfortable behind the wheel of their car that they never think about the bad things that could happen.

In addition to mistakes you can personally make, you have to take into consideration the other people on the road. You never know if another driver will do something that causes a crash.

It’s important that you understand the risks associated with distracted driving. Even if you only take your eyes off the road for a second it could lead to a serious accident that results in injury or even death.

To start, you need to fully realize that there is more than one type of distracted driving. Here they are:

  • Visual distraction. If you take your eyes off the road it increases the chance of an accident. There are many things that can lead to this, such as looking at your cellphone or turning around to talk to someone in the backseat.
  • Cognitive distraction. Does your mind tend to wander when you are behind the wheel? This may not concern you all the time, but daydreaming is a big problem when you’re supposed to be focusing on the road.
  • Manual distraction. As a driver, you always need to keep two hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road and what’s happening around you. A manual distraction can include things such as using your GPS system, taking a drink of water, or picking up your cellphone off the floor.

With an understanding of all three types of distracted driving, you should have a better chance of avoiding this type of behavior when you’re behind the wheel. Of course, you could still be part of a crash, as another driver could make a mistake.

If you are part of an accident with a distracted driver, stay where you are until help arrives. From there, obtain medical treatment and then learn more about your legal rights. You will want to consider which steps to take next, with the idea of holding the negligent party responsible.