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Local: 703-659-1961
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We Operate On A Contingency Fee Basis

9253 Mosby Street | Suite 100 | Manassas, VA 20110

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My neck hurts: Could this be from my car accident?

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2018 | Uncategorized

Vehicle accidents take a terrible toll in Virginia and the rest of the U.S., with several million crashes occurring each year. Along with more than 30,000 fatalities, nearly 2 million more people suffer injuries that range from concussions to whiplash and much worse. You should always seek a qualified doctor’s diagnosis for any pain that you may be experiencing as the result of an accident, but here are some common types of injuries that can occur during a crash.

Injuries to the head and back

One of the most serious injuries in a high-speed crash occurs when drivers and passengers hit their heads on the dashboard, steering wheel or car windows. This may cause traumatic brain injuries that range from light concussions to traumatic brain injuries with permanent cognitive issues. In many cases, long-term medical attention is needed for a host of injuries that can include hearing and vision loss, skull fractures and more.

Substantial nerve damage may result from back injuries that impact the spinal cord; this damage can lead to loss of feeling and control of the victim’s legs, feet, arms, hands and other parts of the body. Severe spinal damage can cause paralysis that is permanent. A herniated disk is another common injury, which is typically milder than other mentioned injuries but it can also result in serious problems. Victims may notice numbness or tingling, pain in the arms and legs or muscle weakness.

Injuries to the chest and neck

Whiplash is caused by a sudden, strong movement of the neck and head, which is typical when a driver is rear-ended, that can result in serious injuries to neck muscles and ligaments, as well as more generally located swelling and pain. At times, temporary paralysis of the vocal chords occur.

In the chest area, victims may suffer broken ribs or collapsed lungs as a result of blunt force trauma. If a driver or passenger has heart problems, the accident may trigger cardiac arrest. Internal bleeding, organ damage and abdomen and pelvis areas can also be affected.

The stress and shock of a car accident can cause emotional distress to those involved in the accidents and to those who saw it happen as well. Post-traumatic stress disorder and additional psychological issues may also surface.

If you have been involved in an accident, consider consulting an attorney who can review your case to determine whether you are owed money for medical treatment of your injuries. Don’t wait to seek legal advice.

This is an informational article about common injuries from car accidents. It is not legal advice.



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