In Manassas and many other cities all over the nation, motorists find themselves frequently sharing the road with cyclists. This has much to do with many cities adding in bike lanes, which are intended to allow cyclists to safely traverse the roads along with vehicles. Accordingly, offers these tips to ensure motorists can safely share the road with cyclists.

Open Doors With Caution

When parked on the street, you may unwittingly open your driver’s side door into the path of a bicyclists. Taking a moment to make sure the path is clear is crucial in this case, as you might prevent a very severe injury from occurring. In this case, try opening the door with your right hand. This will force your body to turn and look behind your vehicle to check for any cyclists.

Give Enough Room

Just like you’re supposed to maintain enough room for other vehicles, you should also leave enough room cyclists. If a cyclist is in front of you and you don’t have enough clearance to pass by them, wait a few moments until the road clears. In the event that the cyclist should tip over or stray into your path, you could run the risk causing serious injury. It’s better to wait in order to pass safely than to rush and potentially hurt a cyclists.

Don’t Assume the Worst

When unaccustomed to driving with cyclists, some drivers may become agitated or even angered by their presence. That’s why it’s important to stop yourself from assuming the worst about a cyclist, which many drivers fall victim to. While it may appear that a cyclist is doing things to intentionally impede, you in fact they may be making legal maneuvers to preserve their safety. No matter the behavior of cyclists, or even other motorists, the goal should be to keep everyone safe and secure on the road.