As a driver in Virginia, you know how important safe driving is for both yourself as well as other motorists. However, accidents can and will happen, and in many cases there are common factors that contribute to collisions between vehicles. offers the following information on these common causes, which can help drivers steer clear of any issues.

An alarming number of motorists admit to falling asleep while behind the wheel at least once. Unlike other dangerous behaviors (like drinking and driving) falling asleep can happen to even the most cautious drivers, particularly on long trips lasting a few hours or more. Always be aware of your level of fatigue when driving, especially when you were deprived sleep the previous night. If you feel tired, pull over and rest until you’re able to drive safely again.

When making a right turn it’s crucial that drivers come to a full and complete stop. The “rolling stop” as it’s known is exceedingly risky and can actually take lives should you hit a pedestrian or cyclist. In the best-case scenario, you could fail to see another vehicle approaching, which will lead to property damage and the need for costly repairs.

All vehicles have blind spots, which are areas you’re unable to see looking through your mirrors alone. This is especially important when changing lanes on the highway, as being involved in a high-speed crash can cause severe injuries and extensive amounts of property damage. The best defense against missing something in your blind spot is to actually look for vehicles, as opposed to just relying on your rearview mirrors.