While riding a motorcycle can be a thrilling experience, keeping safety in account is crucial for new riders. This is because road hazards are far more dangerous for motorcyclists due to lack of protection and in many cases passenger vehicles fail to recognize the presence of motorcycles on the road (which can lead to catastrophe). NapaOnline.com recommends the following tips in this case, which will prepare you for the road ahead.

Always Wear a Helmet

Even if your state doesn’t require you to wear a helmet, it’s best to do so. Statistics show that helmets make a real difference if you are involved in a crash, as illustrated by Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. Helmets prevent about 67 percent of serious brain trauma and can reduce fatal injuries by 37 percent. Accordingly, a good helmet can protect you from serious injury as well as loss of life. 

Practice As Much As You Can

It’s also vital for new riders to practice as much as possible to better hone their skills. Even if you’re fully aware of the rules, you’re unlikely to gain practical knowledge unless you’re actually riding your bike. Getting to know the ins and outs of your particular bike is another safety aspect. Once you’re acutely aware of handling and other considerations you’ll be better prepared for unexpected occurrences.

Pay Attention to Other Drivers

By remaining alert and paying attention to other drivers, you’ll be better equipped to anticipate sudden maneuvers. The best way to do this is by watching the driver’s head; in many cases a driver will look in the direction he or she is turning, which can help when a person fails to signal appropriately. Additonally, be cautious about vehicle’s straying into your blind spot. Always look over your shoulder before changing lanes or making other moves.