In Virginia, it’s crucial for motorists and pedestrians to coexist peacefully to prevent serious injuries from occurring. However, this often easier said than done, especially in areas with large amounts of foot traffic. In order to ensure the safety of all who share the road, State Farm offers the following tips to help drivers and pedestrians keep a focus on safety.

What Drivers Can Do

While you can’t always prevent accidents from occurring, there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of severe injury. For instance, keeping distractions to a minimum will allow you to be alert to the presence of pedestrians when out and about. Also, when driving towards crosswalks be sure to approach cautiously. Remember that pedestrians always have the right-of-way, and never try to go around another vehicle stopped to let a pedestrian cross the street safely. Additionally, if you’re driving in close proximity to a school or daycare be extra cautious, as children may dart into the street without warning.

What Pedestrians Can Do

Of course, pedestrians must also take the right steps to stay safe. Much like drivers, distractions while walking (such as using a cell phone) are a recipe for disaster. Being alert will allow pedestrians to identify a potentially dangerous situation involving a vehicle and take the proper steps to avoid a serious accident. Pedestrians should only use crosswalks when crossing a street, no matter how much traffic is present. Crossing between cars makes it much harder for motorists to see a person, which can lead to significant injury. Intersections are particularly dangerous, so pedestrians should be vigilant (i.e. watch for vehicles, wait for the proper signal, etc.)