Even the safest motorcyclists in Virginia may run afoul of distracted motorists. Serious injuries can occur as a result, some of which may even cause loss of life. Because it’s crucial for both drivers and motorcyclists to coexist peacefully on the road, Esurance.com offers the following advice.

Check your blind spots

Checking blind spots is crucial when you drive, but it’s especially important when you’re driving near a motorcycle. Because they’re much smaller than cars and trucks, it’s very easy for a motorcycle to slip into your blind spot. When checking, be sure to look behind your vehicle and to the sides, as these are the areas you can’t see when using your mirrors alone.

Take care when turning

While many people don’t realize, motorcycle signals actually work differently than other vehicles. In this case, signals don’t automatically turn off after a rider makes a turn. Accordingly, it’s crucial that you remain visually aware when you see a rider with a turn signal on to prevent an accident from occurring. The same care should be taken when you’re passing a signally motorcycle. It’s important to leave enough room to preserve the safety of all involved.

Watch out during bad weather

Driving in bad weather can be hazardous on its own. However, it’s particularly dangerous for motorcyclists, who lack the protection of a passenger vehicles. Drivers can mitigate some of this risk however by keeping a safe distance away for motorcycles during inclement weather. That way is a motorcyclist must make a sudden maneuver, he or she will have enough room to do so without risk of injury.