As a Virginia driver, you likely know how important it is to drive safely in school zones. While it’s important to preserve the safety of all pedestrians, you must take special caution when driving around children, who often behave unpredictably. Edmunds recommends the following tips in this case, to ensure kids in school zones remain safe and secure.

Obey the speed limit

A reasonable speed is the best way to protect pedestrians. School zones often have decreased speeds and it’s crucial that you obey these laws. This is because the risk of a fatality is much lower when driving at decreased rates of speed, such as 20 mph. When driving this speed, it takes 69 feet to come to a full stop. When driving just 10 mph faster, the distance it takes to stop is 123 feet, which can be deadly in a school zone.

Don’t drive distracted

Use of mobile phones behind the wheel is as dangerous as driving while drunk. Despite this fact, many people have no problem with distracted driving behavior, even while driving to school. Coupled with the fact that kids can behave erratically in school zones, driving distracted greatly increases your risk of having an accident.

Take care around school buses

Along with school zones, motorists must also use caution around school buses. When kids are departing or entering the bus, you must wait until it’s time for you to go.  Never pass a school bus when kids are getting on or off the bus.