Most motorcyclists in Virginia are aware of the important gear to wear when riding, which is essential when it comes to personal safety. However, did you know that certain items of clothing should not be worn to ensure a safe and secure experience? Business Insider explains to motorcyclists and their passengers which items should never be worn when on the road.

Open-toed shoes

The right footwear on a motorcycle is almost as important as wearing a quality helmet. Riders should wear sturdy boots with proper ankle support, which helps when maneuvering. Open-toed shoes should never be worn, as this can lead to a serious foot injury. Sneakers should also be avoided, as they lack the proper amount of protection.

Dark clothing

Drivers of passenger vehicles can easily miss the presence of motorcycles on the road. This becomes even more of an issue when the motorcyclist is wearing all black, especially at night. To increase your chances of being seen, make sure you wear a brightly colored item or even clothing with reflective materials.

T-shirts and tank tops

Motorcyclists must also wear durable jackets, which offer protection in the event of a crash. When wearing a t-shirt or tank top you run the risk of injuring your arms should you fall of your bike. Additionally, jackets should be made from durable material, such as leather, to offer the greatest level of protection. Jackets should also be zipped shut when riding. An unzipped jacket can be distracting and may come off during a crash.