A string of recent road rage incidents in Virginia seem to be connected and may be committed by the same person. These incidents have become increasingly more violent throughout the country and the latest situation involved a young mother and her nine-week-old infant.

According to WTKR3, the male driver of the other vehicle approached the passenger side of her car after brake-checking her and zooming around her. The man requested that she roll down her window and then tried to open the door when she refused. The woman feared for her safety and that of her child and felt the behavior was threatening. She first noticed him when he seemed to be driving close to her rear bumper near an intersection.

Three additional women have reported to law enforcement that they have been engaged in different road rage incidents with who they believe is the same man. Law enforcement encourages drivers to remain in their cars and call police as quickly as possible. They believe the man is targeting women and he often gets out of his car and approaches the other vehicle while cursing loudly.

The man has not been charged with a crime, and police have yet to identify him, but drivers are encouraged to use their horns to create a distraction if he approaches them. Even small accidents and fender-benders can lead to serious injury if one person is angry and out of control after the accident. Those who have dealt with or been injured by a road rage incident may benefit from speaking to an attorney as quickly as possible.