Pedestrian accidents occur in many different situations, whether someone is very familiar with a particular route and they are injured while walking to work or a pedestrian is struck while performing their job duties. In other instances, a pedestrian may be less familiar with the roads, such as those who are on vacation, and this can be especially dangerous. Sadly, many pedestrian lives have been lost due to unfamiliarity with the roads, which can be especially concerning when they encounter reckless drivers (such as drunk or speeding drivers).

If you are planning a vacation, it is important to be mindful of any traffic-related hazards if you plan on driving or even walking. Many people walk while they are traveling, whether they want to experience a new area, or they do not have access to a vehicle. Sadly, they may not have any familiarity with various risk factors that are present in certain locations, and the risk of a pedestrian accident may be much higher. Some of these accidents have proven fatal, while others have shattered trips and resulted in massive injuries.

In some instances, drivers may even be hostile and aggressive toward pedestrians, especially if they are tourists. If you were recently involved in a pedestrian accident while you were on vacation, it is imperative to explore all of your legal options during your path to recovery. We understand how overwhelming this can be, especially for those who are on vacation, but injured pedestrians should firmly stand up for their rights.