When you’re involved in an accident, it’s important to document it well. Documenting an accident gives you the information you need for the insurance company and allows you to keep records to refresh your memory later on.

After an accident, lots of things will happen, and it’s easy to begin forgetting the finer details that you need to remember to make the best claim. Fortunately, there are some good tips you can follow to help yourself remember the details you need and to keep good documentation.

1. Write down everything you remember as soon as possible

From the color of the cars involved to the number of witnesses standing nearby, it’s a good idea to begin writing down everything you remember as soon as you can. If you’re unable to write due to your injuries, tell someone else the details and have them record them.

It’s normal for memories to fade over time, so taking the time to record anything you remember as soon as possible is best. Waiting will only mean that smaller details are quickly forgotten.

2. Get copies of the police report and make sure it’s accurate

The next step is to get copies of the police report and to make sure it’s accurate. If there is any inaccuracy that you see, make sure you report it to the Virginia authorities and have the report amended.

3. Keep receipts

Another thing you should do is keep your receipts. Keep receipts for medical care, meals required at the hospital or due to travel for medical care, gas expenses and others. Anything you spend in relation to your injuries can be claimed back later on.

4. Have medical documents forwarded to your attorney, or make copies

All medical documents should be copied and given to your attorney for the purpose of negotiation. Medical documents are also needed to look at how much you’ve spent, how much your injuries could impact you and the potential financial and physical impact of the injuries in the future.

These are just four things with regard to collecting information about an accident and how they can help you in the future. With enough supporting documents, it’s easier to get the kind of payouts that you would like to see, helping you support yourself and get back the financial losses that you’ve suffered through. You deserve to receive fair compensation for your injuries.