Pedestrians are hurt in many ways, from those who sustain an injury while attempting to cross the road to those who are struck by a drunk driver who went off the road. However, some pedestrians, such as young children, are especially vulnerable when it comes to the risk of being struck by a vehicle.  Furthermore, there are many reasons why children can be particularly likely to find themselves in a pedestrian accident. Not only do many children spend a considerable amount of time near traffic while playing with their friends or walking to school, but some may be involved in extracurricular activities which can increase the risk of such an accident.

There are numerous ways in which extracurricular activities can lead to pedestrian accidents. For example, someone may be part of their school’s track team, and they decide to run alongside the road. They could cross at an interesection without looking. Even when they are safe and responsible, an increased amount of time running alongside traffic could heighten the chances of something going wrong.

Some kids who participate in extracurricular activities are unable to find a ride on certain days of the week, and they may have to walk home. This can also lead to a pedestrian accident. Sadly, even when children are responsible and safe while walking or jogging, their lives may be shattered due to a negligent driver. If your child was struck by a careless driver while they were walking, you may need to take legal action.