Car accidents can happen for many different reasons. In the vast majority of the cases, a driver’s behavior behind the wheel is a leading contributor to accidents. That’s why it’s important for drivers to follow the rules and respect the rights of other drivers, as explained by The Balance.

Driver distractions are a major issue that impact drivers across the board. Texting while driving is the most often mentioned offender, and for good reason. This behavior diverts a driver’s attention away from the road, which affects the ability to respond to unexpected road conditions. Other types of distractions can be just as dangerous, however. Eating while driving, talking to passengers, and adjusting the radio all prevent a driver from paying full attention. 

Human error is also cited as a common cause of wrecks. While you often hear about accidents that occur due to some fault with a vehicle, it’s far more likely for an accident to occur because of operator error. The chance of error increases exponentially when a person drinks and drives. Being drunk greatly impairs a person’s ability to operate the vehicle and may also lead to risky behavior. Other substances can also cause problems while driving, even those that are prescribed by a doctor. 

Poor weather can also be an issue for drivers, but in this case, you can mitigate your risk by making the right choices. Driving slowly is a must during storms, even if you end up going a slower speed than the speed limit. Also, keep a distance between yourself and other vehicles in the event you need to stop suddenly.