A teenager recently passed away in a tragic motor vehicle crash in Virginia. In addition, four other teenagers suffered injuries in the collision. These types of car accidents can easily take place as a result of a driver’s carelessness, which is grounds for litigation.

The recent accident took place on a Sunday at about 6:30 p.m. Authorities said that a car carrying five teenagers was headed east along a road. All of a sudden, the car reportedly left the roadway and hit a tree on the road’s right side.

All five teenagers suffered injuries and were transported to the hospital. However, one of the teenagers was pronounced deceased at the medical center. The person driving the car was said to have suffered injuries deemed to be life threatening, whereas the other injured parties reportedly suffered non-life-threatening injuries. According to authorities, alcohol and drugs did not appear to be causal factors in the crash. However, they were investigating if speeding led to the wreck.

The injured passengers may choose to file personal injury claims against the individual who was driving the car when the accident happened. Likewise, the surviving loved ones of the teenager who died may opt to file a wrongful death claim against the driver. Liability has to be established based upon a showing of negligence before a judge or jury in Virginia will determine damage claims. If the plaintiffs are successful, they may receive monetary awards that might help them to cover their medical bills, funeral expenses and other losses connected to these types of car accidents.