Brain injuries, including concussions, are common after car accidents, and the recovery process is often long and tedious. It’s imperative that you’re getting the rest that you need so that your brain can heal. A small study found that there is a direct correlation between the quality and amount of sleep a person with this type of injury gets and their brain function improvement. 

People who had a poor quality of sleep exhibited a lower level of cognitive function and consciousness. One issue that can come up in these cases is that a traumatic brain injury can lead to changes in a person’s sleep habits. For some, the pain and other consequences of the injury can reduce their ability to sleep soundly. 

Another issue that might come up is that individuals with this type of injury might not be able to get outside into the sunlight. Some might have a sensitivity to those conditions and others may not physically be able to go outside. Using artificial lighting that mimics sunlight might help to improve the sleep patterns for these patients. 

Researchers note that the importance of sleep is because this sleep is the time when new neurons and connections are formed in the brain. As these increase, the function of the brain improves. 

Some patients who have suffered a brain injury might not be able to rest as much as they’d like — or need. If their injury was the result of a motor vehicle accident, they might opt to pursue a claim for compensation from the driver who struck them. This can help them to recover the financial losses they have suffered due to the crash.