In the aftermath of a crash, you probably have a lot to think about. How will you get to work with a damaged vehicle? How much will it cost to repair, and will your car insurance cover the cost? Have you reported your accident to the authorities? Did you get the contact information of the other driver?

With so much to consider, it is easy for many people to ignore their health, especially if their injuries do not appear serious. However, there are many reasons to get medical help as soon as possible.

1. Your injuries could be more severe than they appear.

While injuries like cuts can appear immediately, some do not cause symptoms until long after the initial accident occurred. Traumatic brain injuries, for example, may go undetected for days or weeks before symptoms begin, but even a mild injury requires immediate medical attention according to the Mayo Clinic.

2. Your injuries could grow worse.

Just as your injuries may currently be more severe than they appear, they may also grow worse over time. Hairline fractures can cause pain if untreated, but they can also heal improperly and put you at a greater risk of reinjury.

3. Insurance companies might deny your claim if you haven’t sought immediate medical attention.

Insurance companies are in the business of making money, and they may argue that your injuries were not severe in an effort to pay a smaller amount toward your medical bills. Visiting urgent care will create more detailed documentation of your injuries.

4. Pursuing legal action could depend on documenting your injuries.

If your crash was caused by the other driver’s negligence, you may need to file a claim against them to get the financial support you need to recover. Seeking medical help immediately helps establish that the accident caused your injuries and ensures that there is a record of the treatment you received.

By seeking medical attention immediately, you can protect your health today and ensure that you have access to the financial support you need in the future.