Drivers in the U.S. are often concerned about roadway statistics, as this creates awareness for risks to keep their focus on. With regards to traffic fatalities occurring in 2018, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported a 2.4% drop in the rate. That year was the second straight year that the rate fell. The NHTSA attributed this drop to technology used in newer vehicles specifically to prevent crashes.

This downward trend was seen continuing into 2019, with a decrease in fatalities by 3.4%. While this is a promising statistic, a decrease was not seen in all types of fatalities. For pedestrian deaths in motor vehicle collisions, the rate rose by 3.4%. Deaths also rose 6.3% for bicycle accidents and 1% for large truck crashes.  With regards to pedestrian deaths, there were a reported 6,283 deaths, which was the highest total in 28 years. In fact, since 2009, the rate has risen roughly 53%.

Falling victim to a motor vehicle crash can be a life-altering event. No one expects to suffer traumatic injuries in a crash caused by a negligent motorist, therefore, it can be challenging to grasp the reality a victim is currently facing. Medical bills can be overwhelming, and it can be emotionally taxing dealing with the physical pain and the inability to go back to normal life. In these matters, a personal injury action may be a valuable step to take. This legal step could help hold a negligent driver accountable and assist with the recovery of compensation to address these and other losses.