It is normal if you feel frustrated or confused by an insurer’s denial of your claim, especially if you are certain the other driver was at fault. After all, we rely on insurance companies to provide financial netting for us when these incidents occur. Unfortunately, complications can arise that leave us injured yet empty-handed. But know that you are not without resources nor without rights.

Why was I denied?

First, it may help you to understand the extent of the insurer’s reasoning behind your denial. It is likely the insurance adjuster either doesn’t believe your side of the story holds merit or that they believe they have seen enough evidence to support the other driver’s side. It is also possible that the insurance company believes the cause of the accident to be an act of God or that their insured’s policy lapsed because they failed to keep up with their payments.  The insurance company may just not believe that you were injured.

You have legal options:

You may want to hire an experienced attorney to review your case. Your lawyer may first send a demand letter to the insurance company detailing the extent of monetary damages. These damages may include losses you have sustained in your injuries and from your vehicle’s destruction.

If the insurance company is not willing to reach a fair settlement, then your only option is to file a lawsuit.  You will want to hire a lawyer who is experienced in litigation to determine the best course of action.