Labor Day is a great time to visit your family and enjoy the holiday, but it can also be a dangerous time on the roads. Labor Day festivities often come with drinking, and with drinking comes the risk of DUIs. Additionally, there may be distracted or drowsy drivers on the roads because people may be in unfamiliar areas or driving overnight.

AAA is expecting for road trips to continue being important over this Labor Day Weekend, which is why it’s important for drivers to think about their actions before they take them. Labor Day weekend is one of the deadliest weekends of the year for drivers, so the Virginia State Police has started Operation CARE. The VSP asks that drivers stay alert, sober and put on their seat belts. They hope that drivers will remember to put down their devices, too, so that they can drive without distractions.

In 2019, the Labor Day weekend traffic resulted in 17 people’s deaths. In 2018, 14 people were killed. In 2017, only five people were killed. With this kind of increase over the years, it is more important than ever to take driving seriously when you’re behind the wheel.

The state police will also be participating in the Checkpoint Strikeforce, which is an educational program aimed at reducing DUIs. Sobriety checkpoints will be present throughout the weekend to help prevent crashes and deter DUI-related crashes and impaired driving. 

If you are traveling this Labor Day weekend, stay alert. Your actions matter. If you are struck by an errant driver, make sure you take steps to get medical care and to report the incident to the authorities. Your attorney can help you handle the legal aspects of your case afterward.