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motorcycle accidents Archives

What are some safety tips for first time motorcyclists?

Riding a motorcycle is no doubt a thrilling experience. However, riders face a myriad of risks on the road, especially when they lack experience. Geico explains the safety steps you must take when operating a motorcycle, which might prevent a serious accident from occurring. 

What shouldn't I wear when riding a motorcycle?

Most motorcyclists in Virginia are aware of the important gear to wear when riding, which is essential when it comes to personal safety. However, did you know that certain items of clothing should not be worn to ensure a safe and secure experience? Business Insider explains to motorcyclists and their passengers which items should never be worn when on the road.

Motorcycle collisions and brain injuries

All types of traffic accidents have the potential to be devastating, but motorcycle collisions are especially severe. A motorcyclist who is involved in an accident may face numerous consequences, some of which are physical, emotional and possibly financial. In this post, we will take a look at brain injuries that are caused by motorcycle collisions and some of the different ways that the victims of these terrible accidents may be able to recover in their lives.

Looking out for motorcycles

Residents in Virginia who ride motorcycles deserve to have their rights on the road respected just as much as do drivers of other vehicles. Unfortunately, bikers often end up being overlooked both literally and otherwise by people in standard passenger vehicles. It may also seem as though the larger vehicle drivers act like they have more of a right to be on the road than a motorcyclist.

Motorcycle safety during the fall

Riding a motorcycle can be dangerous at any time of the year, but certain seasons are especially hazardous in some parts of the nation. For example, the fall months can bring different types of weather-related road hazards, including strong winds, fog, rain and even ice or snow, in some places. These hazards can be particularly dangerous for those who ride motorcycles and it is paramount for you to focus on your safety if you plan on riding during the fall.

How can drivers safely share the road with motorcyclists?

Even the safest motorcyclists in Virginia may run afoul of distracted motorists. Serious injuries can occur as a result, some of which may even cause loss of life. Because it's crucial for both drivers and motorcyclists to coexist peacefully on the road, Esurance.com offers the following advice.

3 motorcycle safety tips for new riders

While riding a motorcycle can be a thrilling experience, keeping safety in account is crucial for new riders. This is because road hazards are far more dangerous for motorcyclists due to lack of protection and in many cases passenger vehicles fail to recognize the presence of motorcycles on the road (which can lead to catastrophe). NapaOnline.com recommends the following tips in this case, which will prepare you for the road ahead.

Reviewing Virginia's helmet law

Many in Manassas may envy the freedom that motorcycles offer, yet few likely would want to be faced with the lack of personal protection bikers have in accidents. There is virtually nothing protecting a rider from the road should he or she be struck by (or collide with) another vehicle. That may be why many fail to understand why any motorcyclist would disagree with laws that would require him or her to wear a protective helmet. Per Virginia's Department of Motor Vehicles, such equipment is 29 percent effective at preventing death and 67 percent effective in preventing brain injuries in motorcycle accidents. 

Identifying vehicle blind spots

You enjoy an excellent view of all that is around you when riding your motorcycle in Manassas. Sadly, the design of traditional vehicles prohibits drivers from seeing as much. This contributes directly to a common hazard: blind spots. Many of those that we here at The Law Offices of Locklin & Coleman, PLLC have worked with following motorcycle accidents have heard the same thing from the drivers that hit them: "I did not see you." Knowing where vehicle blind spots are may make you more aware of  the mistakes that may lead a driver to hit you. 

Signaling while on your motorcycle

There is nothing quite like taking an exhilarating motorcycle ride in and around Manassas. Yet as a motorcyclist, you know full well that taking such a trip often means putting your safety in the hands of the motorists on the roads around you. Sadly, for some of those that we here at The Law Offices of Locklin & Coleman, PLLC have worked with, such rides have ended in tragedy due to motorists not taking the obligation to share the road seriously. Many of those involved in accidents with motorcyclists claim that it was the motorcyclists' unanticipated actions that caused such collisions, such as darting into their lanes without warning. 

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