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Best Lawyers Award Badge 2022

Local: 703-659-1961
Toll-Free: 866-719-4394

We Operate On A Contingency Fee Basis

9253 Mosby Street | Suite 100 | Manassas, VA 20110

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What to Do After an Accident in Virginia

When you are involved in a car accident or truck accident, it is easy to get shaken up and answer any questions that are being asked of you without considering the ramifications. However, anything you say now could later be used by the insurance company to deny your claim for personal injury compensation.

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There are important steps you can take after a car accident or any other accident to ensure your rights are preserved.

  • Collect information from other drivers and witnesses: Collect contact information (business cards, when possible) for everyone involved in the accident and everyone who witnessed the auto accident. Evidence can quickly be lost following a car accident. It is important for your lawyer to talk with witnesses as soon as possible after the car crash, before memories fade.
  • Take pictures: Personal injury lawsuits can take months and even years to be resolved. It is important to have pictures that illustrate the extent of vehicle damage, the accident scene, the extent of your injuries, the recovery progression of your injuries, etc. These pictures will be an invaluable resource when preparing your claim.
  • Treat injuries with a specialist: It is important to seek proper medical attention following the accident, even if injuries are not yet apparent. When injuries have been identified, such as an orthopedic injury, spinal cord injury or head injury, it is critical to treat with a specialist. Not only will this assure you receive the proper medical treatment necessary, this will assure you that your doctor will fully understand and document the full extent of your injuries — a critical component in ensuring you receive the full compensation you are entitled.
  • Document everything: From writing down everything you can recall about the accident (as soon as possible after the accident) to logging doctor appointments, mileage, medical treatments or symptoms, it is important to keep a journal of everything related to your accident, your injuries and your treatment.
  • Recognize that the insurance representative is NOT on your side: The insurance adjuster has a sole purpose — to identify means for denying or reducing the amount paid on your claim. If the insurance company determines that you are even 1 percent at fault for the accident, you may not be entitled to any compensation. Therefore, it is important to avoid making any recorded statements about the accident or your injuries without first consulting an attorney.
  • Hire an experienced auto accident lawyer: It is critical to hire a personal injury lawyer with the experience to counter the insurance adjuster’s efforts and who knows what it takes to maximize your compensation.

Our experienced attorneys have the skill, commitment and resources to help clients succeed in recovering the full compensation they are entitled after a car or truck accident.

Contact an experienced auto accident attorney at The Law Offices of Locklin & Coleman, PLLC, for effective advice and representation following a car accident in Northern Virginia . We make home and hospital visits and we handle all personal injury claims on a contingency fee, which means you pay no attorney fees unless we recover compensation for you.

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