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7 striking facts about teen drivers

Ever wonder why teen drivers have extra restrictions when they first start driving? Are you also wondering why they have a persistent reputation as poor drivers, even so?

If you've ever felt that this reputation is unfair, just take a look at the following facts:

Merging onto the interstate can raise accident risks

Interstate highways are often praised for the way they reduce accident risks. There are few points of entry and traffic is always moving in the same direction.

There's one key point where the risk can rise, though: on-ramps. When other traffic is allowed onto the road, or when two interstates merge, accidents can be the result.

Visual clutter could make accidents more likely

Visual clutter is a term used to refer to the multitude of items your brain has to process at once when observing your environment. It can be very distracting when driving, and some studies have shown that it could lead to car accidents.

You experience visual clutter every time you get behind the wheel. Some of it is necessary, such as road signs, traffic signals and lights. Some of it is unavoidable, like buildings and other structures built near the roadway. On top of all of this, though, you have things like billboards, advertisements and neon shop signs.

Opioid use and intoxicated driving crashes a growing problem

Researchers have revealed new statistics that show how dangerous opioid use is when it's combined with driving. Since 1995, the number of drivers killed while using prescription opioid drugs has increased by seven times. The Columbia University study looked at drug test results for nearly 37,000 drivers to reveal these statistics.

Usually, when we think of the current opioid epidemic that is plaguing the United States, we consider the overdose deaths. However, the dangerous use and abuse of opioid drugs can also cause car accident deaths. The worst part about this is that these deaths include innocent people who were following traffic laws and completely sober.

10,265 people died from drunk driving in 2015

Drunk driving continues to be a very big problem in the United States, and it will probably continue to be until we replace human motorists with computer-controlled vehicles. It's hard to believe, but 10,265 people were killed in 2015 as a result of drunk driving. These auto-related deaths account for 29 percent of all vehicle crashes.

Could it be that if drivers in Virginia and the rest of the country were more responsible, and refrained from getting behind the wheel drunk, we could save over 10,000 lives a year?

Fatal car accidents and pursuing wrongful death damages

There is no way to measure the impact that an unexpected death has on a family. That's because, when a loved one disappears from our lives permanently, we have no idea what we're missing -- just a fuzzy dream of what life could have been like if our dear one had been able to stay in our lives.

At The Law Offices of Locklin & Coleman, we have represented numerous individuals in wrongful death actions after their loved ones were taken from them prematurely. In all of the wrongful death case examples we can name, there is one fact that's always true: There's no way that any amount of civil litigation or financial compensation can serve to fill the giant rift that's left when we lose someone close to us.

Drunk driving deaths persist in spite of tough laws

Drunk driving is one of the most dangerous and selfish things that the average Virginia resident can do. Each time someone decides to get behind the wheel of an automobile after drinking, they are placing countless lives at risk of death and catastrophic injury. Although most drunk drivers make it home safely, some do not, and the aftereffects can be devastating.

Since 2012, Virginia DUI laws have required all convicted drunk drivers to install ignition interlock devices. A year later, 8,500 ignition interlock installations had taken place in the state.

Can personal injury lawsuits help reduce car accidents?

Auto accidents wreak havoc on communities throughout the United States and Manassas, Virginia, is no different. Most people who live here know of someone who died or was catastrophically injured in an auto accident and many of these individuals were hurt or killed as a result of negligence, recklessness, inattentiveness or unlawfulness.

At The Law Offices of Locklin & Coleman, we wish that there was a solution that would prevent drivers from acting negligently and unlawfully, but drivers are human -- and humans make mistakes. Although technologists have made considerable advances in recent years to take the "human" element out of the driving equation through driverless cars, we're decades away from having human drivers replaced with computers. Until then, Virginia residents will need to brave the hazards and dangers of sharing the roadway with potentially reckless individuals.

Suspected drunk driver strikes two international students

America is a place that welcomes many people with open arms. As such, each year, thousands of international students make their way to the United States. They take classes, enjoy the scenery and travel the country to send photos and information back to the people they care about in their home countries.

It's a tragic event when one of those students is hurt as a result of negligence in the United States. A June 19 report discussed two students who were hit by a suspected drunk driver; one suffered a serious brain injury, and the other struggles to use her legs.

How do most truck accident cases happen?

Semitrucks are giant behemoths that cause catastrophic injuries and damages whenever they get into a crash. To make an analogy, an 18-wheeler getting into a collision with a compact car is like a mountain versus molehill. This is why strict federal laws exist to govern the driving habits and maintenance standards that apply to truck drivers and their vehicles.

Unfortunately, in spite of these laws, truck accidents are everyday occurrences on our nation's roads. Many of these crashes are the direct result of truck driver negligence or unlawful behavior relating to issues such as:

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