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Seatbelts could save your life

In 49 states, including Virginia, drivers can get a severe fine if they're not wearing a seatbelt. Lawmakers throughout the nation have found that if they require motorists and their passengers to wear safety belts, then the use of safety belts goes up and, vehicle-related injuries and fatalities go down.

The fact is, seatbelts save lives; nevertheless, many Manassas residents continue to avoid using them. Here are a few reasons why you should ignore your impulse not to use a seatbelt and buckle up:

Were you hurt in a car crash? Don't delay in filing a claim

Manassas residents hurt in a serious car crash need to keep in mind that statutes of limitation will apply to their potential personal injury suits stemming from the event. A statute of limitation is a law that establishes a specific window of time within which you have to file your claim or forever be barred from doing so. At the Law Offices of Locklin & Coleman, we take statutes of limitation seriously and it's one of the first things we evaluate when a new client approaches us with a potential lawsuit.

In Virginia, two primary laws could limit the time period within which a plaintiff may file a civil lawsuit related to car accident injuries and damages. These laws include:

Motorcycle rider killed following tragic Portsmouth collision

A tragic and fatal accident between a motorcycle and a sports utility vehicle highlights the risks and dangers that motorcyclists face every day on the road. Indeed, motorcyclists are virtually unprotected against vehicles in a crash, and this recent collision illuminates the fact all too well.

The incident happened in Portsmouth during rush hour on a recent Thursday morning. Police were notified of the crash at 7:57 a.m. By the time police arrived, they found the 28-year-old motorcyclist unconscious. He was later pronounced dead at the crash site.

Were you injured by an intoxicated driver in Virginia?

For the average-sized person, it can take between two and four drinks to reach a 0.08 percent alcohol content, which is the legal limit for driving in Virginia. If you're under the age of 21, then any amount of alcohol in your system could render you too drunk to legally drive. Nevertheless, every day and every night there are countless intoxicated drivers on the road.

You may have driven right next to several intoxicated drivers on your way home from work today, or you might have been surrounded by drunk drivers on your way home from a party late at night. The truth is, as a society, we may never completely eradicate the horrible problem of drunk driving until we do away with drivers altogether and switch over completely to computer-driven automated cars.

Easter weekend truck accident kills family of 4

The Easter holiday is supposed to be a time of cheer, when we enjoy days spent with loving family members. As such, when an unplanned car accident interrupts such a holiday to bring catastrophic injury, death and tragedy, it's particularly disheartening. This is exactly what happened to one Virginia family of four last weekend.

The tragedy involved an unexpected semitruck accident over Easter weekend. The incident left community members -- especially the members of Concord Church of Christ -- reeling. According to news reports, a family of four was driving through West Virginia on Interstate 77 to visit relatives last weekend when a semitruck hit them.

Fatal motor vehicle accidents

One of the most difficult aspects for police when it comes to a fatal motor vehicle accident is that they cannot ask a deceased driver what happened in the incident. Perhaps the other driver was in the wrong, but without the perspective of the deceased individual, it makes it challenging to piece together exactly what happened.

Finding the evidence trail that shows fault

Roman slaves and truck accident cases: What's the connection

Most Virginia residents know that a negligent truck driver who hurts them will be liable for the costs and damages stemming from the accident. However, not everyone is aware that the truck driver's employer will also be financially responsible. The reason for this dates back to Roman times when the rich owned slaves who they'd send out into the city to do their bidding.

The legal concept of "respondeat superior" is an ancient Latin term that means "let the master respond." The idea dates back to a time thousands of years ago when slaves would do jobs for their owners. If the slave hurt someone while carrying out his or her master's orders, the master was the one responsible for the damage.

Elderly man dies in tragic Prince George's County car accident

A 79-year-old man was lucky to survive a car collision. However, soon after exiting his vehicle to survey the damage, a passing car fatally struck him while he was on foot. The fatal incident happened in Prince George's County.

Maryland State Police say that the first car accident was a minor one between the 79-year-old man and two more cars. The man wasn't faulted for the first accident that led to him stopping on the side of the road. That accident happened after a female driver hit the senior man's car and another vehicle.

How do I know if I need new brakes?

The warning signs that you need new brakes should never be ignored. Indeed, your cars ability to stop is one of the most vital features that you require to avoid getting into a crash. However, if you're not a mechanic, you may not know how to identify the tell-tale signs it's time for a brake job.

Here are a few things you should definitely take note of to keep your brakes in the finest operational condition:

4 tips for dealing with an accident involving a drunk driver

Car accidents happen and sometimes they're unavoidable or just the result of the sort of ordinary driving errors that everybody makes from time to time. When you're the victim of a drunk driver, however, it can be hard to keep your cool on the scene simply because you know that accident was avoidable.

Try to remember that drunk driving accidents need to be approached like any other accident -- the only difference is that instead of both you and the other driver going your own ways in the end, the drunk driver is likely going to jail -- at least until he or she is tested and booked and able to bond out.

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