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January 2016 Archives

More than 1,000 car wrecks on snow-covered Virginia roads

The snowstorm that smacked the East Coast last week has created a nightmare for drivers. The Virginia State Police were exceedingly busy on Friday, responding to more than 1,000 car accidents on Virginia highways.

Should you choose a judge or jury to hear a personal injury case?

You may wonder how people decide whether to have a judge or jury hear their personal injury case at trial. It's up to the plaintiff, although the decision is usually made based upon the advice of his or her attorney.

What is a 'common carrier'?

A common carrier is a business or corporation that transports goods or people from one place to another and gets paid for it. This includes commercial airplanes, tour buses, school buses, commercial buses, cruise ships and taxis, just to name a few.

Criminal conviction not necessary to file personal injury claim

When you're injured in a car accident, it can be difficult to deal with all the issues the wreck caused. Some of these issues include getting the proper medical treatment, dealing with your insurance company and trying to figure out how to pay your bills until you can return to work. If you weren't responsible for the accident, it just makes the situation worse.

Drugs and driving are a deadly combination

Drugged driving is a growing problem in our country. Each year, there are around 4,000 drivers who had drugs in their bodies when they were killed. The number is likely much, much higher, as this doesn't take into account those drivers who died and were not tested for drugs. It also doesn't include drivers who were killed by other drivers who had drugs in their systems.

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