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September 2017 Archives

What are the primary reasons why truck accidents happen?

Accidents between passenger vehicles and semitrucks tend to result in catastrophic injuries. In many situations, they're also fatal. For this reason, every driver of a passenger car, and every driver of an 18-wheeler, nees to educate him or herself regarding the common causes of semitruck crashes in order to prevent these scenarios.

Experts warn that drunk driving and multitasking are the same

You always have a lot to do, so you usually multitask in the car. You listen to voicemails, check your email, and talk on the phone. You want to make the most of your time and get things done on your commute, not just after you get to work.

September banquet to honor police efforts to curb drunk driving

Virginia police do everything they can to patrol the roads and arrest drunk drivers. These efforts have no doubt saved many lives by getting potentially dangerous drivers off our streets and freeways. In this respect, it's always pleasant to see hard-working Virginia law enforcement officers receiving recognition for their good works.

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