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What is distracted walking?

Distractions aren't only dangerous when behind the wheel. Many pedestrians partake in distracted walking, which can be just as harmful to a person's health and well-being. Texting while walking, talking with friends, listening to music, and even eating while walking can all increase a pedestrian's risk of being struck by a vehicle while out and about. 

One study polled 2,500 participants all over the country on their opinions about walking while distracted. There was a surprising disparity between people's opinions of distracted walking and their participation in the same behavior. For example, 90% of those polled claimed to have seen people talking on a mobile phone while walking. However, only 37% of these people admit to partaking in this behavior. Views of distracted walking also vary, with some categorizing it as embarrassing or humorous, while others believe it to be dangerous. 

4 ways to document your personal injury

When you're involved in an accident, it's important to document it well. Documenting an accident gives you the information you need for the insurance company and allows you to keep records to refresh your memory later on.

After an accident, lots of things will happen, and it's easy to begin forgetting the finer details that you need to remember to make the best claim. Fortunately, there are some good tips you can follow to help yourself remember the details you need and to keep good documentation.

How can I choose the best car seat?

Car seats protect your kids when driving in vehicles, which is why they're a mandatory accessory. Choosing the right car seat can be a bit more difficult than one might think, especially if it's your first time buying one. That's why Parents Magazine offers the following tips to new parents who might have questions about how to best protect their kids in the first place. 

When your baby is an infant, there are generally two car seats that are acceptable. Infant-only seats double as carriers, which makes them convenient for parents. Convertible car seats are another option. Unlike infant-only seats, these are not portable. However, they're convenient in other ways. For instance, a convertible seat can be situated rear or forward-facing. Rear-facing seats are used for infants, while forward-facing seats are useful for older babies.

These 3 places are most common for crashes

You may have heard the statistics related to the fact that most car accidents occur close to home, but do you know why? Part of the reason is because people relax when they know and drive in an area frequently, and may not pay as much attention to their surroundings. Another reason is because neighborhoods have people backing out of driveways, kids playing in the streets and narrow roadways due to cars parking on the street.

While collisions close to home are common, there are actually two other places where the risks of being involved in a crash are also high: parking lots and on your daily commute.

What are some safety tips for first time motorcyclists?

Riding a motorcycle is no doubt a thrilling experience. However, riders face a myriad of risks on the road, especially when they lack experience. Geico explains the safety steps you must take when operating a motorcycle, which might prevent a serious accident from occurring. 

Wear the right gear

Vacations and pedestrian accidents

Pedestrian accidents occur in many different situations, whether someone is very familiar with a particular route and they are injured while walking to work or a pedestrian is struck while performing their job duties. In other instances, a pedestrian may be less familiar with the roads, such as those who are on vacation, and this can be especially dangerous. Sadly, many pedestrian lives have been lost due to unfamiliarity with the roads, which can be especially concerning when they encounter reckless drivers (such as drunk or speeding drivers).

If you are planning a vacation, it is important to be mindful of any traffic-related hazards if you plan on driving or even walking. Many people walk while they are traveling, whether they want to experience a new area, or they do not have access to a vehicle. Sadly, they may not have any familiarity with various risk factors that are present in certain locations, and the risk of a pedestrian accident may be much higher. Some of these accidents have proven fatal, while others have shattered trips and resulted in massive injuries.

What must pedestrians do to remain safe when walking?

It's crucial for Virginia drivers to respect the presence of pedestrians when out and about. However, pedestrians must also do their part to remain safe, or they risk being involved in a serious and potentially life-threatening accident. These tips from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration illustrate what you can do to keep yourself and others safe and sound this summer.

When walking with children, make sure they understand the importance of proper pedestrian behavior. Kids often behave unpredictably when walking. Weaving between parked cars and forgoing crosswalks means they will be less visible to vehicles driving in the same area. Until your children are old enough to walk along streets on their own, make sure you supervise their behavior. You should also strive to set a good example at all times. 

Sharing the sidewalk with bicyclists

When walking in Manassas, you might think it easy to avoid danger: just stay off the road. The area does indeed have several miles of sidewalks on which you can walk. However, pedestrians must also be aware of bicyclists.   A collision with a bicyclist can be almost as devastating as one with a car. There can be dangers to both pedestrians and bicyclists when they are not aware of each other.

According to the Virginia Department of Transportation, bicycles can be ridden on the sidewalk in the Commonwealth unless prohibited by local ordinance. No such laws or policies exist in Manassas or Prince William County. Thus, a bicyclist has as much right to be on the sidewalk as you do as a pedestrian. 

Road rage incident targets mom and newborn baby

A string of recent road rage incidents in Virginia seem to be connected and may be committed by the same person. These incidents have become increasingly more violent throughout the country and the latest situation involved a young mother and her nine-week-old infant.

According to WTKR3, the male driver of the other vehicle approached the passenger side of her car after brake-checking her and zooming around her. The man requested that she roll down her window and then tried to open the door when she refused. The woman feared for her safety and that of her child and felt the behavior was threatening. She first noticed him when he seemed to be driving close to her rear bumper near an intersection.

Take extra precautions when driving at night

Even after the sun sets in Virginia, thousands of cars, trucks and motorcycles fill the roads. Whether people are coming home from work or heading out for a night on the town, they are still using the roadways to get where they need to go. According to the National Safety Council, people are three times more likely to get into a fatal car accident when driving at night than they are during daylight hours. So, what causes this increased accident rate and what can people do to avoid becoming involved in a catastrophic collision?

A lack of natural light can make driving more difficult. Although the streets may be illuminated with street lights and headlights, the eyes do not operate as well under these conditions. When making a turn out into traffic, it is harder to judge the distance and speed of an oncoming vehicle when it is dark. The lack of light also affects drivers' peripheral vision. It is best to wait until no cars are coming before turning out into traffic.

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