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What shouldn't I wear when riding a motorcycle?

Most motorcyclists in Virginia are aware of the important gear to wear when riding, which is essential when it comes to personal safety. However, did you know that certain items of clothing should not be worn to ensure a safe and secure experience? Business Insider explains to motorcyclists and their passengers which items should never be worn when on the road.

Open-toed shoes

What can I do about distracted driving?

While multi-tasking is touted as a desirable skill, it can be deadly when behind the wheel. For instance, distracted driving behaviors reduce your ability to operate a vehicle, which can lead to serious accidents and injuries. Geico offers the following tips in this case, which will help you identify bad driving behaviors and correct them.

Don't eat and drive

Self-driving technology: It's not ready yet, so pay attention

Lane sensors were designed to be helpful. The technology is supposed to let a driver know when they're drifting into another lane to avoid crossing into another driver's path.

Unfortunately, the sensors are not perfect. The alerts may go off, but if a driver is already distracted, there may not be enough time to correct. Similarly, this technology makes it easier for a driver to not pay attention in the first place.

How can I drive safely in school zones?

As a Virginia driver, you likely know how important it is to drive safely in school zones. While it's important to preserve the safety of all pedestrians, you must take special caution when driving around children, who often behave unpredictably. Edmunds recommends the following tips in this case, to ensure kids in school zones remain safe and secure.

Obey the speed limit

3 winter weather driving tips

Now that winter is here Virginia drivers must take the proper precautions when on the road. Bad driving conditions mean a higher risk of accident, especially when dealing with careless motorists. While you can't always prevent accidents from occurring you can greatly reduce the risk by keeping the following tips in mind.

Take care on long trips

Kevin L. Locklin Has Been Nominated and Accepted as a 2018 AIOPIA's 10 Best in Virginia For High Verdict & Settlement Attorney for Personal Injury


The American Institute of Personal Injury Attorneys has recognized the exceptional performance of Virginia's Personal Injury Attorney Kevin L. Locklin as 2018 10 Best High Verdict & Settlement Attorney for Personal Injury.

Motorcycle collisions and brain injuries

All types of traffic accidents have the potential to be devastating, but motorcycle collisions are especially severe. A motorcyclist who is involved in an accident may face numerous consequences, some of which are physical, emotional and possibly financial. In this post, we will take a look at brain injuries that are caused by motorcycle collisions and some of the different ways that the victims of these terrible accidents may be able to recover in their lives.

With less to protect them, at least when compared to those driving larger vehicles, motorcyclists are particularly likely to be seriously hurt or killed in an accident. A motorcyclist may be thrown from their motorcycle or they may wipe out and slam their head on the ground or another vehicle. This can lead to a brain injury, which may be immediately evident or less noticeable, showing symptoms years later. Wearing a helmet can protect a motorcyclist's head but cannot always prevent brain injuries. Not to mention, motorcyclists are hurt in many other ways, from neck injuries to broken bones.

3 tips for avoiding getting hit by a driver who's texting

You might not think it's easy to avoid collisions, but the reality is that it can be. Drivers who are distracted are fairly obvious if you know the signs to watch out for. Additionally, there are steps you can take to make yourself a safer driver, so you greatly reduce your risk of injury.

Here are three tips that can help you avoid a collision with a driver who is texting. Texting is the most hazardous distraction, but with the right knowledge, you can prevent collisions.

Looking out for motorcycles

Residents in Virginia who ride motorcycles deserve to have their rights on the road respected just as much as do drivers of other vehicles. Unfortunately, bikers often end up being overlooked both literally and otherwise by people in standard passenger vehicles. It may also seem as though the larger vehicle drivers act like they have more of a right to be on the road than a motorcyclist.

Among the many common hazards for motorcyclists is the concern about a vehicle that turns into their path of travel. This may happen because the driver is rude or negligent or because the driver simply does not see the biker. Regardless of the reason, the outcome can be tragic.

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