A car accident in Lynchburg, Virginia provided a jarring start to the week, as a total of seven people had to visit a hospital after the July 15 collision. The auto accident happened when a car headed north on Boonsboro road crossed lanes. The northbound vehicle eventually traveled all the way over the center lane, striking a van head-on.

Initially, a total of four people were in critical condition after the car crash, but seven in all had injuries requiring hospital treatment. The 75-year-old driver of the car that crossed lanes was among those in critical condition following the incident. One passenger in the van, a 5-year-old child, required airlift to the University of Virginia Hospital. Two other van passengers also sustained critical injuries.

According to the first responders at the scene, both vehicles were rendered nearly unrecognizable by the accident’s damage. The captain of a Lynchburg fire battalion noted the seriousness of the injuries involved in the crash. He told local media that when responders arrived, some of those hurt were outside of their vehicles, while others were trapped inside their cars.

In cases where Virginia residents are seriously injured in auto accidents, crash victims may assume they only need to deal with two other parties: their lawyer and the other driver. However, insurance adjusters can also play a large role in crashes where a variety of injuries result.

Without a keen eye towards insurance companies as well as the driver at fault, an accident victim may not receive an appropriate settlement. Consequently, those injured in Virginia auto crashes should familiarize themselves with the insurance figures in their incident, and realize that an initial settlement need not be the final word on the matter.

Source: The News & Advance, “Seven hurt in wreck on Boonsboro Road in Lynchburg,” July 15, 2012