Sometimes after a car accident that involves several vehicles and multiple injured or deceased parties police will appeal to the public for help in their investigation. That’s what happened after a recent tractor-trailer accident in Suffolk, Virginia, earlier this month.

In local media, police have appealed to the general public for assistance. Specifically, they are asking any witnesses to come forward regarding the multi-vehicle crash that closed traffic on Route 460 for much of the day on September 18. The accident apparently occurred in the morning hours, as the call came in to authorities shortly after 7:00 a.m.

The incident involved six cars and two tractor-trailers, although details are scant on the exact nature of the wreck. However, authorities do know that at least one person has died and six people suffered injuries. Of the six people injured, half of them were in critical condition after the accident.

In any sort of commercial vehicle accident, any and all details of the accident can prove crucial later on. This is because accident victims or their family members can obtain much-needed compensation for their losses if the losses were the fault of a negligent truck driver or negligent commercial truck company. In order to make that determination, though, it is essential that facts are gathered and witnesses are interviewed in a timely fashion.

Fortunately, local police will often urge the public to come forward with any knowledge they may have regarding an accident. Victims and their families can also assist by offering detailed statements to police early on, so that authorities can compile a thorough report before memories fade. Victims can also relay this same information to their attorneys without delay to ensure a thorough and accurate fact-gathering process before a lawsuit is filed on their or their family members’ behalf.

Source: WTKR, “One killed after fatal tractor-trailer crash on Rt. 460,” Holly Henry, Sept. 18, 2013