Today’s adults are generally well aware of the dangers of driving drunk, but it’s easy to forget that each new generation must learn to behave responsibly behind the wheel. When they don’t, the consequences can be far worse than in other types of situations. An 18-year-old Virginia man apparently caused an erratic drunk driving accident this November when he struck several vehicles.

During the early morning hours, authorities received a call that a driver was attempting to steer his vehicle into the common area of an apartment complex. The car rolled backwards down an incline and hit a vehicle that was parked nearby. The driver then struck another car, which contained an occupant who phoned the police. After police arrived on the scene, the driver then appeared to try and flee. However, at that point he struck a few other cars. One of these vehicles was a police car.

The showdown concluded when an officer, standing outside the driver’s vehicle, tried to get the driver to stop ramming cars. However, the 18-year-old tried to drive his car around the officer, and wound up running over the policeman’s foot in the process. That officer had to be taken to Virginia Hospital Center for treatment for his injuries, while the driver was ultimately arrested for DUI and felony hit-and-run, among other charges.

As this accident demonstrates, a drunk driver can cause just about anyone to become an accident victim. In just a few moments, people on or near a roadway can become collateral damage in a drunk driver’s episode of negligence or recklessness. While police and the courts will almost always impose penalties on a drunk driver, it is up to victims of an accident to pursue compensation through a possible civil suit. If a drunk driver was legally at fault for a victim’s injury or even death, a civil suit may allow a victim to hold the driver accountable.

Source: Arlington Patch, “Police: Drunken teen hits multiple cars, runs over officer’s foot,” Jason Spencer, Nov. 20, 2013