Summer is concert season, and countless residents of Northern Virginia spend their summer nights taking in the sights and sounds of music fests, outdoor concerts and other events. Some people may get a little carried away at these events and have a little too much to drink, however. Usually this behavior is harmless and requires a designated driver for safety’s sake. Few people who attend concerts, though, expect to be hit by a drunk driver.

Recently, at 96XFest in Portsmouth, a woman was seriously injured after being hit by an apparent drunk driver. The 27-year-old reportedly drunk driver was driving the wrong way when she struck another 27-year-old, who was walking away from the concert. After striking the pedestrian, the vehicle then struck some fencing and came to a stop near the seawall railing. Fortunately, no other pedestrians or bystanders were hurt in the incident. The driver was unhurt as well, although the accident victim suffered serious injuries. The drunk driving accident resulted in charges of DUI and maiming for the driver.

Earlier this year, a drunk driving crash at a huge Texas concert made headlines when it resulted in the deaths of two people. During that fatal accident, authorities were pursuing a DUI suspect when the driver crashed through barricades and into a crowd of people. In addition to the pair of deaths stemming from that crash, 23 other people were injured. The driver in that case faces counts of capital murder.

Whether it is a death or serious injury, the fallout from a drunk driving accident can be enormously expensive for those who already bear the brunt of tragedy. Families and victims must often struggle to come to terms with issues, such as planning a funeral or dealing with the prospect of permanent disability. Fortunately, the civil court system acknowledges the costs of being an accident victim. Through a personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit, accident victims and their families can be compensated for damages caused by the negligence of a drunk driver.

Source: WTKR, “Woman charged with DUI after driving wrong way, hitting pedestrian leaving 96X Fest,” Doris Taylor, June 19, 2014