No driver is perfect all the time, but most of the time drivers are able to balance minor distractions with their responsibilities toward others on the road. Still, even something as simple as reaching down for a drink can take a driver’s attention off the road; when this occurs, the chaos that can result can far outweigh the insignificance of a simple distraction.

A recent commercial vehicle accident in Virginia resulted in four people being sent to the hospital, as well as an overturned truck. The trucking accident happened on Interstate 64 in the mid-morning hours, when a 41-year-old truck driver briefly looked down to take a drink of water. When his eyes returned to the road, he could see that traffic had come to a halt, but it was too late: his box truck struck a minivan, which in turn hit a pickup truck. According to the police, a chain-reaction set of accidents occurred which ultimately ensnared six vehicles.

Police charged the truck driver with reckless driving. Some may assume this type of charge is only leveled at those who engage in egregiously unsafe acts, such as street racing or driving while under the influence of drugs. Still, reckless driving can take many different forms, as this case demonstrates. In addition to sending accident victims to the hospital, the I-64 crash also caused traffic to be backed-up for hours.

Getting hit by a negligent driver is rarely expected, which is why coping with the aftermath of such accidents can be nearly as jarring as the accident itself. Drivers are suddenly hit with huge medical expenses and may have to take significant time off of work. In addition, a truck accident can spur the development of long-term ailments that can impede a person’s ability to earn an income. Given all the potential consequences of a commercial vehicle accident, speaking with a local attorney can offer peace of mind as well as invaluable resources.

Source: The Richmond Times-Dispatch, “Truck driver charged after multivehicle collision,” July 8, 2014