As many mature drivers understand, driver’s education doesn’t stop in high school. In addition to memorizing the rules of the road, safe drivers are always learning as they drive and integrating new experiences into stored information. While it’s impossible to guarantee a driver will avoid all accidents, it is helpful to know how many common types of accidents are caused.

One of the most frightening types of crashes is a commercial vehicle accident. This type of accident incites fear in many because it is often the commercial driver’s fault, not the passenger vehicle driver’s fault; thus, it is not a type of accident most drivers can easily avoid. In addition, commercial vehicles often tower over most Virginia driver’s cars, even SUVs and pickup trucks. An accident can thus prove especially catastrophic in terms of injury and property damage.

One of the most common types of any sort of accident is caused by speeding. Passenger cars can slow more quickly than large trucks can, though, which is why many a trucking accident has the simple explanation of speed behind it. A truck may be speeding simply because it’s being driven by a negligent truck driver, or it may be going too fast because the driver’s employer has set unrealistic timetables that may even go against Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations.

Another source of commercial vehicle accidents can be inadequate training. In today’s economy many employers are looking for drivers who can start right away, and some may be tempted to skimp on training. Semi-truck accidents may also stem from a driver’s braking or turning too quickly. In some circumstances this may result in a “jackknife” action the can send a truck’s trailer in a different direction than the front of the truck.

Finally, another frequent cause of dangerous accidents occurs when a truck driver tries to make a right-hand turn. Trucks are notorious for having to make very wide right turns, and some drivers will attempt this from the outside lanes. Not surprisingly, confused drivers or pedestrians can find themselves in the path of a huge big rig. When this happens, one’s only resources may be the knowledge of a Virginia accident attorney.

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Source: FindLaw, “Common causes of truck accidents,” accessed Aug. 25, 2014