The price of health care often seems to be going nowhere but up. Medical bills in general can be tremendously expensive, but the treatment costs after a truck accident can be downright staggering. A truck accident in Northern Virginia can cause any type of serious injury imaginable: broken bones, back injuries, lacerations from broken glass and even brain damage.

While those who survive a collision with a semi-truck are indeed fortunate to be alive, often their difficult journey is just beginning. The combined stress of physical injury plus emotional trauma can prove overwhelming. At the same time, the crash victim must also deal with the financial impact of a crash. If negligence on the part of a truck driver or truck company caused an accident, a Manassas truck accident attorney can help bridge the gap between medical bills and one’s ability to pay them.

One of the first steps in confronting crash-related medical expenses is consulting with a truck accident lawyer. Experienced attorneys will listen to the facts of the case and then gather more information regarding the cause of the collision. Sometimes the victim may not know exactly what caused a wreck but knows the rules of the road were violated. In such cases, attorneys may be able to help a victim find answers via crash reconstruction or consultation with industry experts and law enforcement.

If the team at The Law Offices of Locklin & Coleman, PLLC uncovers negligence as the cause of a truck accident, the victim may be able to pursue a civil personal injury suit against the negligent party. A successful suit may allow the victim to obtain the compensation for medical expenses that he or she both deserves and needs. At times, more than one party’s negligence was a contributing factor to a crash. Thus, tractor-trailer accident suits can become quite complicated and may benefit from the 25 years of personal injury experience cultivated by our firm.