Following any type of car accident in which there has been loss of life, families of the victim often require multiple types of support. There is a tremendous need for emotional support, and often the need for financial support as well. After an unexpected death in the family, relatives must generally cope with medical expenses and funeral costs in addition to potential loss of income. Families in Manassas and surrounding areas may also have another need during times of shocking loss – the need for legal support.

At The Law Offices of The Law Offices of Locklin & Coleman, PLLC, families can find a crucial source of legal support when it seems as if the uncertainty is overwhelming. Our experienced legal team has helped families obtain millions of dollars in settlements following fatal motor vehicle accidents. Just as importantly, the Virginia wrongful death attorneys at our firm help families through the legal process step-by-step. From a no-cost initial consultation through verdict and settlement, the lawyers are assertive advocates for the rights of victims’ families.

Without strong legal support, a family or estate could be taken advantage of by an insurance company, or left in the dark regarding what really happened to their loved one. Finding answers is just one of the elements of the legal support system. Our attorneys can not only conduct a thorough investigation into a wrongful death, but can also attempt to hold a negligent driver accountable in civil court. Even if the criminal justice system has not punished a negligent party, a civil wrongful death lawsuit could help make sure a driver doesn’t get away with causing a fatal wreck.

Fatal motor vehicle accidents are among the worst experiences a family will ever have to face. But, they don’t have to face it alone.