Imagine just for a moment, the type of car accident that would require six medical helicopters to transport the injured. If you’re like many people, you probably imagine a crash involving multiple vehicles. However, a recent crash on Lignum Road, just south of Route 3 in Culpeper, sent six people to the hospital via medical helicopter.

According to police reports, air ambulances from the surrounding areas, including Manassas, were called in to transport victims after the driver ran off the road. She then ran off the other side of the road and struck several trees. Authorities said that one passenger was ejected from the 2005 Cadillac and three others were trapped inside the vehicle.

No one died from their injuries. However, the driver is listed in critical condition in Charlottesville at the Virginia Medical Center. The names and conditions of the other five people were not known. There were at least two children in the vehicle.

AirCare 5 stated on Facebook that seeing that having this many Medevacs in one place is not common. It’s post read, “Amazing teamwork, organization and communication by all agencies involved.”

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Source: Culpepper Star Exponent, “Six medical helicopters provide transport from Culpeper car accident,” Allison Brophy Champion, May 20, 2016