America is a place that welcomes many people with open arms. As such, each year, thousands of international students make their way to the United States. They take classes, enjoy the scenery and travel the country to send photos and information back to the people they care about in their home countries.

It’s a tragic event when one of those students is hurt as a result of negligence in the United States. A June 19 report discussed two students who were hit by a suspected drunk driver; one suffered a serious brain injury, and the other struggles to use her legs.

The two girls came to the United States in March 2017. One was an avid cyclist. Both were struck on May 14 by a suspected drunk driver.

It was around 2 a.m. when the crash happened near Virginia Beach. The driver of a Nissan had struck them both, dragging a bicycle behind her vehicle. Both girls were left lying in the roadway.

One suffered severe brain injuries, and it wasn’t clear if she would survive. She did, and now she has much to do to recover. The other has injuries to her legs and ankles that makes it impossible for her to go to the bathroom on her own.

The court records have shown that the driver had a blood alcohol concentration of .26, allegedly. She was also going over the speed limit.

The girl who suffered a brain injury says she can no longer move her legs. She is not able to travel under doctor’s orders, either. The other girl needs physical therapy to help get her back on her feet. They both must stay in the United States until they go through the court hearings and deal with their many medical problems.

Situations like this are avoidable. Justice is important, and those who are injured have every right to seek it.

Source: WTKR, “Two international students struck by suspected drunk driver in Va. Beach speak out,” Margaret Kavanagh, June 19, 2017