Lane sensors were designed to be helpful. The technology is supposed to let a driver know when they’re drifting into another lane to avoid crossing into another driver’s path.

Unfortunately, the sensors are not perfect. The alerts may go off, but if a driver is already distracted, there may not be enough time to correct. Similarly, this technology makes it easier for a driver to not pay attention in the first place.

Technology creates a paradox

Technology has a way of making lives better, but it can also cause problems. No one can claim that having lane sensors doesn’t save lives. They do save lives every day. However, they’re also doing a driver’s work for them, and that can turn people into bad drivers.

How does technology create a bad driver?

Technology creates a bad driver because they may rely on the automatic functions. The more you use this technology, the less likely you’ll be to rely on your own senses. Your skills are trained over time, so if you feel that a sensor isn’t working correctly or that it’s always delayed, you should, of course, rely on your own experience and adjust your vehicle.

Other kinds of technology, like automatic braking, autopilot and windshield cameras exist to make life easier and to reassure drivers. However, the driver still must do most of the work behind the wheel, and if they don’t, they could end up causing a serious collision.

Keep in mind that the idea of a self-driving car is far from reality. While some vehicles have properties that can help them take over for a short time, nothing is advanced enough to do an entire drive for you. People who believe that the vehicles can navigate completely on their own are more likely to end up in a collision. Even with fully automated vehicles, like what Google or Tesla are working on, there are always going to be times when human judgment is necessary.

For now, people should be cautious on the roads. If they have these special technological features in their vehicles, that’s great. However, it’s up to them to make sure they don’t cause a crash. They should never be distracted or think for a second that the car will do all the driving.