While multi-tasking is touted as a desirable skill, it can be deadly when behind the wheel. For instance, distracted driving behaviors reduce your ability to operate a vehicle, which can lead to serious accidents and injuries. Geico offers the following tips in this case, which will help you identify bad driving behaviors and correct them.

Don’t eat and drive

Eating and driving is a common type of distracted behavior. Many people resort to eating behind the wheel due to lack of time, high volumes of traffic, or short lunch breaks. If you find yourself often eating breakfast on your way to work or school, consider waking up earlier so you can eat at home. If your lunch break is too short, pack food at home and bring it to work. 

Only use your mobile phone for emergencies

When in your vehicle, it’s best to have your mobile phone turned off and stored away. If you must use it, your best option is to pull over or park and make your call or text from a safe position. Also, don’t be fooled into thinking that hands-free devices are a safer alternative. Even the act of carrying on a conversation can distract you from the road.

Make the car a quiet place

As illustrated above, conversations in a vehicle can also cause a distraction. If you have passengers, refrain from speaking to them at length while behind the wheel. Your passengers should also work to keep the noise level in the car to a minimum, which can be an issue even if you’re not participating. This is especially important for younger drivers, who will be inexperienced and more prone to making mistakes.