As the world continues to change and technology becomes ever more prominent, it will continue to be part of drivers’ lives. Unfortunately, technology does have the potential to damage your ability to drive safely and accurately.

Did you know that technology used in vehicles can make drivers overconfident? That’s right. Someone who knows that their vehicle will automatically brake if they get too close to another vehicle is less likely to pay attention than those without the technology on board. Drivers with lane warnings are less likely to look to the side to check for traffic.

Other technology, like GPS systems, cellphones and radios are also distracting in their own ways. While listening to the radio won’t necessarily make you a bad driver, changing stations and taking your hands off the wheel, your eyes off the road and mind off what you’re doing can. Responding to text messages can lead to crashes when you don’t look up at the road for a long distance. Even a GPS can be distracting as you try to set up where you want to go.

Why is technology making people worse at driving?

The primary concerns are that technology makes people too confident and too distracted. When they don’t think that they have to do all the steps they would in a vehicle without technology, they’re setting themselves up for a disaster. Making mistakes, taking their eyes off the road and thinking that the vehicle will take control and protect them is a bad habit to get into.

Technology outside vehicles is also distracting. Did you know that there are more displays and information being directed at drivers than ever before? When you’re driving, there are moving displays, flashing lights, digital signs and other technological changes that you’ll have to take in. You’ll be looking at your surroundings, but with so much going on, your brain has to work harder to discern what’s most important. The addition of these external distractions can be devastating when drivers end up looking away from the roads or being overwhelmed by information.

If you plan to drive a vehicle with technological advancements, remember that you have to do all you can to stay focused. Don’t rely on the vehicle to make the decisions you should be making. At the end of the day, you’re the person in charge of the vehicle and need to keep control of it at all times.